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The average annual bar passage rate over the past 10 years is at 62%. The test is very broad, unpredictable, and the current method of bar preparation has you cramming after law school graduation, which leads to undue stress and burnout.

Failing the bar exam can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost income, added stress and loss of confidence. We'd like to show you a better way to conquer it. 


We learn best by experience. While you cannot add years of experience prior to the bar exam, you can experience a wide variety of legal issues in novels and movies. The vision for Lawflix evolved out of Law Thrillers, novels that teach and reinforce over 130 legal principles needed for the bar exam. While the focus is on the multiple choice section (the Multistate Bar Exam questions), these principles overlap with the essays. 

The program is simple: read the novels, test your knowledge with the Online Companion Course, and then reset, reinvigorate your study and reinforce what you learn through Lawflix.

Read the novels

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Test your knowledge

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Online Companion Course

  • Includes the e-book and audiobook of the novel with Key insights from the author's commentary

  • Actual NCBE exam questions tied to the principles in the novel

  • 4 Full-length NCBE exams

  • Additional bonus material

Cost: $997  

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Watch the movies


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Full-length movies that teach legal principles
We have partnered with a film director and production team to transform Law Thrillers into movies. The goal is to encourage law students to begin preparing earlier for the bar exam, to enjoy the experience, and to have greater levels of success on the exam. Coming soon to Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Thank you for your support!

Proceeds from the Online Companion Course will help fund the first movie.

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